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Trotec is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of laser machines for engraving, cutting and marking.

Trotec Laser customer case study: Copytrax

Copytrax logoCopytrax design and manufacture specialist printing machines that turn digital media, such as CD, DVD and Blu Ray, into attractive, high value products. As well as their range of CD printing technology, they also provide similar equipment for digitally printing on a broad range of surfaces including plastics, metals and glass.

Copytrax pen jigWhen Copytrax supply one of their flatbed inkjet printers to a new customer, they also provide them with a jig made from acrylic—a custom-made tool which keeps the item being printed in the correct position. Before purchasing a Trotec Speedy 300 laser cutting, engraving and marking machine, Copytrax outsourced the creation of these jigs, and were met with lengthy waits of up to two weeks while subcontractors produced them.

In July 2011, the company decided to purchase a Speedy 300 30W laser system in order to increase their efficiency and reduce the costs involved in outsourcing laser cutting and laser engraving work.

Trotec Speedy 300 laser systemSince introducing a Trotec laser engraver and laser cutter into their workflow, Copytrax have seen an incredible increase in productivity, and a reduction in the costs of making their jigs, and the Speedy 300 has enabled Copytrax to reduce the time it takes to produce a jig from two weeks to two days.

Philip Allingham, Managing Director of Copytrax, said that this means Copytrax have been able to expand their business, and can now offer jigs to customers who are printing small promotional items and require jigs quickly.

‘The laser has been a great asset to our company’, Allingham said. Not only does it allow Copytrax to provide a better service to their customers, it also means that Copytrax customers can in turn ‘offer a better service to their [own] customers’.

Integrating the Trotec laser system into their existing workflow has been seamless. Allingham has been impressed with ‘the size of the machine but also the quality of the laser and of the manufacture’, choosing Trotec over other competitors because of the quality of the aftersales support that they provide.A Copytrax jig


Laser Cutting for Digital Printers and Print Service Providers

Digital printers and print service providers around the world are beginning to realise the benefit of combing their existing systems with laser cutting technology. One such organisation to recognise the advantages a laser cutting system can provide digital printers is world-leading printer manufacturer Ricoh, whose team at the Printing Innovation Centre in Hannover has been using a Trotec Speedy 300 laser system since February 2013.

Ricoh Logo

Trotec has been focusing on ‘Print and Cut’ technology for many years and recently intensified this focus by announcing a partnership with Ricoh. Alexander Jauker , Head of Product Management at Trotec, believes that ‘the collaboration is very beneficial’, adding that with the new partnership, both companies ‘can gain even deeper insights into the requirements of the printing industry and receive valuable feedback on [their] products.

Matthias Achorner, Ricoh Team Manager at the Printing Innovation Centre shared his praise for the new partnership, noting that the aim of the partnership was ‘to stimulate the creativity of [their] customers’.

High Paper Finishing Quality
Ricoh are not the only company in the printing industry to enjoy the benefits of laser cutting technology. Laser technology allows print service providers to produce very detailed geometric shapes with a high level of precision and quality, making unbelievable attention to detail possible. A cutting plotter is unable to meet these standards, and customers will be delighted with new opportunities for design.

An example of card cut with a Trotec laser cutting machine

Not only can you cut the most delicate paper, cardboard and acrylic shapes without difficulty, it is also possible to engrave logos and pictures. Only one tool for all of your materials is required, making the laser beam the universal tool for all geometric shapes, strengths and material thickness. No matter whether the substrate is rigid or flexible, hard or soft, all you need is your laser to optimally process a huge range of materials.

Signage, display and digital printing companies frequently use our machines to cut acrylics, paper, card, MDF, foam boards, polystyrene, films and textiles.

Perfect Quality and Vision Recognition
Printed signs, displays, or point-of-purchase materials can be cut on an individual basis using laser technology and vision recognition. With other methods, like manual or laser pointer registration, slight distortions of the printed design create unsatisfactory results. However, a camera system recognises any distortions in the printed desng, no matter whether it is a linear or non-linear distortion of a rotation, and the cutting path is adjusted automatically and dynamically. The cutting lines therefore always match the printed design on both flexible and rigid materials.

An example of something cut with a Trotec laser cutting machine

Vision registration works by printing registration marks along the image. The camera is mounted on the processing head of the laser and registers the dimensions of the printed design by reading these marks prior to cutting. By comparing the registration marks on the printed design and the target positions in the original cutting file, the vision registration algorithm is able to recognise and compensate for any discrepancies. The software not only corrects rotations, but also adjusts the cutting path if the printed design is distorted or skewed. This guarantees a perfectly and precisely cut end product.

Expand Your Business
Many digital printing and print process providers who invest in a laser cutting, engraving and marking system end up expanding into other fields. Trotec laser systems are capable of cutting, engraving and marking on most materials, so users of our machines find they are able to offer a wider range of services.

‘Most of the sign and display companies that invest in a laser cutter expand into the field of acrylic fabrication’, notes Jauker. This is because Trotec laser machines are capable of cutting unusual shapes with unprecedented detail, especially compared to routers.

Trotec Speedy 500
Trotec’s Speedy 500 laser system is ideal for digital printers and print service providers, and today is the perfect partner for many businesses around the world. The standard features of the Speedy 500 and the optional extras available with it make it the perfect system for digital printers and print service providers.

The Trotec Speedy 500 laser system

The Trotec Speedy 500 is the ultimate laser cutting and engraving system for those who require fast processing of large volumes and/or large surface material, where smaller laser models are often insufficient. The Speedy 500 is the most productive system in its class.

With its 1245x710mm working area, the Speedy 500 provides enough space for most standard material formats in use today. Despite the large working area, every corner of the interior is easy to access.

The machine’s pass-through capability enables the processing of very long and bulky parts, and the unique multi-functional table concept facilitates optimal configuration for a large range of cutting and engraving applications.

To find out more about the Speedy 500 laser system, please see the product information page on our website. If you have a specific question about digital printing and laser cutting technology, please feel free to get in touch with us!
An example of a digitally printed sign cut with a Trotec laser cutter
Parts of this post originally appeared in an article written by Alexander Jauker that was published in Specialist Printing Worldwide Magazine (Issue 3, 2011).