Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Twiddleys Ltd

by troteclaseruk

Twiddley’s is a leading UK manufacturer of foil embossed and card based products for all occasions, including parties, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries. Whether their customers are looking for a single greeting card or to create invitations for a large party or corporate event, Twiddleys pride themselves on being able to offer their customers comprehensive solutions.


Why Trotec?

“We decided to go with Trotec because simply put, they were the only laser system manufacturer who could actually provide a machine that cut card properly! All of the other ones we looked at ended up massively burning the card. We previously used die cutting, and the laser has been a huge step up. In fact, I’m happy to say I can’t sleep because the laser has allowed us to expand so much and take on more business”.


– Alex Wills, Managing Director of Twiddleys