Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Exel Engraving

by troteclaseruk

Exel have been at the forefront of engraving and signmaking in the UK for four decades. Working with small local firms to huge blue-chip companies, Exel strive to offer a reliable, consistent, high-quality approach to all we do. The company pride themselves on being able to take any project on, no matter how big, small or unusual, and engrave a wide range of materials including bespoke glass, plastics, metal and wood products.

For that reason, Exel decided to come straight to Trotec when upgrading their old system, knowing that we could offer a solution that was simultaneously versatile and efficient.

Result  “We often get jobs which require unusual shapes and sizes to be engraver, and the Trotec completely accommodates all of this, including making jigs. Of the three laser engraving machines we’ve had, the Trotec laser has been by far the best in terms of everything. It’s a year old and still works like new, and all of the parts are pristine thanks to being enclosed. It requires very little cleaning thanks to the way it’s build and we truly have nothing bad to say”.

Steve Tierney—Managing Director at Exel Engraving