Trotec customer case study: Clear Cut Creation

by troteclaseruk

image_7In 2013 Steve Waterton approached Trotec looking to set up his own business based around laser cutting. After conducting intensive research into the cutting, engraving and marking markets, Steve found that in order to be competitive his business would need to be able to offer flexibility and fast turnaround, as well as have the ability to take on complex projects.

“Artists often have great ideas and want to realise them in new and unique ways, rather than through traditional mediums like painting and drawing”, said Steve.

This was one of the founding principles of Clear Cut Creation, and we knew exactly the right solution for Steve and his startup.image_22

After an extensive consultation with Steve and his team we were able to offer a full, tailor-made laser technology solution for his business. We supplied Clear Cut Creation with a Speedy 300 CO2 80W system, one of our flagship products.

The Speedy 300 is designed to meet the highest demands. With a generous working area of 726 x 432mm, the system is capable of handling most engraving and cutting jobs. With the ability to process everything from plastics and wood to paper and glass, we instantly recognised that our Speedy 300 would help Steve’s business grow right from the start.

“I was previously outsourcing to companies who used CNC routers and the laser is unbelievably better. My experience with Trotec has been spot on from the get-go. Everyone has been fantastic at Trotec and I couldn’t have asked for a better service—it’s a refreshing change to have friendly people everywhere. I used to work in customer service measurement so I know what’s good and what’s not—and Trotec are world class!

image_12The machine itself I can’t fault. It provides seamless results every time with minimal effort. It is the backbone of my business and without it I wouldn’t feel confident going ahead. The fact that Trotec can scale my laser up as my business grows really appealed to me and I’m sure I’ll be taking full advantage of this offering!”

–Steve Waterton, Managing Director, Clear Cut Creation