Trotec customer case study: Pogofandango

by troteclaseruk

Pogofandango is a family-run design company based in Cornwall.Pogofandango Logo

“We create quirky and colourful laser cut cards, decorations, wedding stationary and gifts”, said Pogofandango co-founder Emma, part of the mother-daughter team behind the creative company.

“We have helped create costumes for dancers involved in entertainment at the London 2012 Olympics, scenery for animations, a compass rose for a hotel’s flooring, doll house furniture, a keyboard for an AutoWed machine and parts for an accordion to name a few!” Emma told us.

Pogofandango Laser Cut Robot CardWhen Pogofandango was founded, their original investment in a laser machine by another manufacturer allowed them to get started, but after four years of growing their business, it was no longer able meet the demands for their work. Realising that existing laser machine could no longer cope with the demand their thriving business was generating, Emma and mother Gill decided it was time to invest in a new machine.

Pogofandango initially bought a Chinese laser cutter, but were disappointed and found it impossible to use. The problems were compounded by the fact that the supplier of this machine did not offer any help, support and training.

After contacting Trotec and relaying their business dilemma, we were able to offer an on-site demonstration of the machine we thought we would be right for Emma and Gill. It was love at first sight for them both, and they were amazed by the quality of Trotec’s Speedy 100 laser cutting, engraving and marking machine.

Trotec Speedy 100 Laser SystemSince investing in their Speedy 100, Pogofandango have found it has “made the world of difference”, with the company now able to more than double the amount of orders they are able to handle. Their Trotec laser system has increased productivity and efficiency for Emma and Gill so much so that they’re now in the process of buying another one to cope with the expansion of the business their first Trotec machine has enabled.

“Trotec machines are easy to use and give a very clean cut, something that is very important to us as we cut a lot of cards, especially wedding cards, which need to be pristine”.

The level of support and excellent customer service is something else Emma and Gill like about Trotec.

“We had a fantastic training day when the machine was installed, and if we ever have any problems at all, the Trotec guys are always really happy to help us over the phone. We also managed to burn the lens once and Trotec had a replacement out to us the next day. It is really reassuring to know that we have someone that we can always call for help”.

The Pogofandango team have also spoken about how easy Trotec laser systems are for designers and creative-minded people to work with.

Pogofandango Bespoke Laser Cut Wedding Package“We are designers, we trained to degree level in design and we are not engineering-minded at all—we need laser cutters that are easy to operate and we love that we will always have the support from Trotec if we need it”.

The improvements to efficiency and productivity that their laser system has afforded them has even allowed Emma and Gill to spend more time developing their products and designs.

Life since getting their Trotec machine—which goes by the name of ‘Florence’ after the company held a naming competition for it—has been better than they could have ever imagined.

“We have more than doubled our turnover since buying the Trotec, and are now at a point where we have two members of staff, and are planning to have another Trotec by the time the Christmas rush hits, and even more Trotec machines in the next few years”.