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Trotec is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of laser machines for engraving, cutting and marking.

Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Exel Engraving

Exel have been at the forefront of engraving and signmaking in the UK for four decades. Working with small local firms to huge blue-chip companies, Exel strive to offer a reliable, consistent, high-quality approach to all we do. The company pride themselves on being able to take any project on, no matter how big, small or unusual, and engrave a wide range of materials including bespoke glass, plastics, metal and wood products.

For that reason, Exel decided to come straight to Trotec when upgrading their old system, knowing that we could offer a solution that was simultaneously versatile and efficient.

Result  “We often get jobs which require unusual shapes and sizes to be engraver, and the Trotec completely accommodates all of this, including making jigs. Of the three laser engraving machines we’ve had, the Trotec laser has been by far the best in terms of everything. It’s a year old and still works like new, and all of the parts are pristine thanks to being enclosed. It requires very little cleaning thanks to the way it’s build and we truly have nothing bad to say”.

Steve Tierney—Managing Director at Exel Engraving


Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Twiddleys Ltd

Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Twiddleys Ltd.

Trotec Laser Customer Case Study: Twiddleys Ltd

Twiddley’s is a leading UK manufacturer of foil embossed and card based products for all occasions, including parties, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries. Whether their customers are looking for a single greeting card or to create invitations for a large party or corporate event, Twiddleys pride themselves on being able to offer their customers comprehensive solutions.


Why Trotec?

“We decided to go with Trotec because simply put, they were the only laser system manufacturer who could actually provide a machine that cut card properly! All of the other ones we looked at ended up massively burning the card. We previously used die cutting, and the laser has been a huge step up. In fact, I’m happy to say I can’t sleep because the laser has allowed us to expand so much and take on more business”.


– Alex Wills, Managing Director of Twiddleys



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Trotec customer case study: Clear Cut Creation

image_7In 2013 Steve Waterton approached Trotec looking to set up his own business based around laser cutting. After conducting intensive research into the cutting, engraving and marking markets, Steve found that in order to be competitive his business would need to be able to offer flexibility and fast turnaround, as well as have the ability to take on complex projects.

“Artists often have great ideas and want to realise them in new and unique ways, rather than through traditional mediums like painting and drawing”, said Steve.

This was one of the founding principles of Clear Cut Creation, and we knew exactly the right solution for Steve and his startup.image_22

After an extensive consultation with Steve and his team we were able to offer a full, tailor-made laser technology solution for his business. We supplied Clear Cut Creation with a Speedy 300 CO2 80W system, one of our flagship products.

The Speedy 300 is designed to meet the highest demands. With a generous working area of 726 x 432mm, the system is capable of handling most engraving and cutting jobs. With the ability to process everything from plastics and wood to paper and glass, we instantly recognised that our Speedy 300 would help Steve’s business grow right from the start.

“I was previously outsourcing to companies who used CNC routers and the laser is unbelievably better. My experience with Trotec has been spot on from the get-go. Everyone has been fantastic at Trotec and I couldn’t have asked for a better service—it’s a refreshing change to have friendly people everywhere. I used to work in customer service measurement so I know what’s good and what’s not—and Trotec are world class!

image_12The machine itself I can’t fault. It provides seamless results every time with minimal effort. It is the backbone of my business and without it I wouldn’t feel confident going ahead. The fact that Trotec can scale my laser up as my business grows really appealed to me and I’m sure I’ll be taking full advantage of this offering!”

–Steve Waterton, Managing Director, Clear Cut Creation

Laser engraving metal and plastics for part marking, traceability and branding

part marking 2Part marking is typically used to add barcodes, serial numbers, critical safety information or branding to components and products.

For the past 20 years, our laser technology has been continually providing advancements in production speed and efficiency, precision and even the durability of markings.

That’s why you’ll find laser marked components in everything from medical implants to fighter jets.

Range of advantages

A laser marking on a part will not fade. Our clients are using their laser systems to mark components which are subjected to extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures, or even inserted into the human body.part marking 1

Laser system owners who had previously been using methods such as chemical etching or printing are always surprised at the speed at which a laser system can produce a marking on virtually any material.

Our user-friendly software allows you to completely automate the process and easily modify the markings should a problem occur, resulting in increased efficiency with less process steps and manpower required.

The natural precision of a laser beam means that it is perfect for engraving and marking small fonts, even those below 1 point or which are close to invisible.

Apart marking 4ccommodating
All of our lasers—even the entry-level models—have generous bed sizes and depths, making the marking of components which are unusually-shaped or bulky easy.

It doesn’t matter if the parts you’re marking are stainless steel, plastic or leather—the laser is the truly universal tool for marking and cutting. Plastics, metals, glass, leather, paper, rubber, stone, textiles and wood are just some of the materials the laser can work on.

Non-intrusive marking methods are recommended for parts used in safety critical applications like aircraft engines or high pressure and high stress systems. When you laser a component nothing other than the laser beam will touch the part.

What our customers say
We’re big fans of letting our customers speak for us. So here’s what just a few who are using our laser systems for part marking are saying.

“The Trotec laser has improved our efficiency immensely, increasing our productivity at least 300%, possibly even 400%! The machine has been so good that we haven’t needed any significant technical support, but when we had a quick question we got in touch with the technical staff and it was answered very quickly.”part marking 3
– Craig Davies, Manufacturing Engineer, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd.

“I am very happy with Trotec and my only regret is not buying a bigger system! The fact that we can now automate the process means we’re saving a lot of time. The precision of the cutting and engraving is astounding. We like our Trotec so much that we’re looking to expand its use into other areas of our production, so we’re looking to invest in a bigger machine now.”
– Kevin Leach, Production Manager at Walker Safety Cabinets

“We were previously outsourcing the creation of our tags, which were screen printed or chemically etched. The step up in quality between that and laser marking is incredible. The help we’ve got from Trotec has been outstanding. Trotec helped guide us through the transition to the new software, and have been there to help every step of the way.”
– Tom Fleet, Research Engineer at Michell Instruments

You can learn more on our website, where you can also browse our expansive range of laser technology solutions suitable for this application.

Trotec customer case study: Pogofandango

Pogofandango is a family-run design company based in Cornwall.Pogofandango Logo

“We create quirky and colourful laser cut cards, decorations, wedding stationary and gifts”, said Pogofandango co-founder Emma, part of the mother-daughter team behind the creative company.

“We have helped create costumes for dancers involved in entertainment at the London 2012 Olympics, scenery for animations, a compass rose for a hotel’s flooring, doll house furniture, a keyboard for an AutoWed machine and parts for an accordion to name a few!” Emma told us.

Pogofandango Laser Cut Robot CardWhen Pogofandango was founded, their original investment in a laser machine by another manufacturer allowed them to get started, but after four years of growing their business, it was no longer able meet the demands for their work. Realising that existing laser machine could no longer cope with the demand their thriving business was generating, Emma and mother Gill decided it was time to invest in a new machine.

Pogofandango initially bought a Chinese laser cutter, but were disappointed and found it impossible to use. The problems were compounded by the fact that the supplier of this machine did not offer any help, support and training.

After contacting Trotec and relaying their business dilemma, we were able to offer an on-site demonstration of the machine we thought we would be right for Emma and Gill. It was love at first sight for them both, and they were amazed by the quality of Trotec’s Speedy 100 laser cutting, engraving and marking machine.

Trotec Speedy 100 Laser SystemSince investing in their Speedy 100, Pogofandango have found it has “made the world of difference”, with the company now able to more than double the amount of orders they are able to handle. Their Trotec laser system has increased productivity and efficiency for Emma and Gill so much so that they’re now in the process of buying another one to cope with the expansion of the business their first Trotec machine has enabled.

“Trotec machines are easy to use and give a very clean cut, something that is very important to us as we cut a lot of cards, especially wedding cards, which need to be pristine”.

The level of support and excellent customer service is something else Emma and Gill like about Trotec.

“We had a fantastic training day when the machine was installed, and if we ever have any problems at all, the Trotec guys are always really happy to help us over the phone. We also managed to burn the lens once and Trotec had a replacement out to us the next day. It is really reassuring to know that we have someone that we can always call for help”.

The Pogofandango team have also spoken about how easy Trotec laser systems are for designers and creative-minded people to work with.

Pogofandango Bespoke Laser Cut Wedding Package“We are designers, we trained to degree level in design and we are not engineering-minded at all—we need laser cutters that are easy to operate and we love that we will always have the support from Trotec if we need it”.

The improvements to efficiency and productivity that their laser system has afforded them has even allowed Emma and Gill to spend more time developing their products and designs.

Life since getting their Trotec machine—which goes by the name of ‘Florence’ after the company held a naming competition for it—has been better than they could have ever imagined.

“We have more than doubled our turnover since buying the Trotec, and are now at a point where we have two members of staff, and are planning to have another Trotec by the time the Christmas rush hits, and even more Trotec machines in the next few years”.